Thursday, March 12, 2009

i want food :)

dear journal. lifes been good. i have been a bit too excited .i guess when one person is excited it leads on.

although i am still shaping and searching up for my whys. i found a goal that i can continue to work on. Every month, the first i would give my dad $200. from my calgrant, but this month i didn't give my dad any money. no wonder i finished my calgrant. i have been doing this since my 2nd year in college. Yet on the bright side it would be my motivation, to motive me to run.

for my goal for every month the first is to give my dad $300. not only does my dad smile, but its a lesson in life and show my responsibility. my dad teach me well.

lately i am afraid of growing back to my oldself again. i can think. .. got to practice. talk more talk more.

what i am working on is to feel how it is like to be in someone shoe.

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