Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear abandon journal,

lifes been fine, but i have been quite lazy. but lazy as i am, i still manage to do my homework and avoiding my social life. although this might sounds like a bad thing but i do get through life being optimistic. it feels like every min, my dad have something for me to do. i mean its not like i don't like it, but i want some free time to myself. sometimes i just want to go out and breathe air, i guess im breathing air yet it is not the air i freely want. ok this doesn't even make sense. im always at home looking at the 4 corners, sometimes im afraid that i might go into depression. other then that, my symptoms of alzheimer is haunting me. i think i might have it despite the studying i do everyday. it's genetics i believe.

omg i want to go to jolin tsai concert in san jose state, several vip seats left. but and i know i can't go even if i asked my dad. i want to go.

i ordered costal scent 88 eyeshadow palette. hopes it comes. cause everynew thing i get brings a smile to my face.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

made this toy during summer vacation. was going to give it to a friend for motivation but never did.

im back. School started :P
I dropped 2 classes because i had to print notes for my physiology class. Physiology : my top priority ..this is what happen when you have a parent control over printer and internet. but it's alright, i have break in between so i can go to the library to print now yay... damn ..

gained 5 pound because my dad is constantly feeding me without my resistance. Wasting food is bad. my dad keep buying me pizza, those 5 dollar ones. lol. but im thankful.

my grams said im fat.

other then that, i hate the sun... why do you have to hurt me and bake my epithelium *throws ice cube at the sun... im freaken tan.

. anyways yes a life changing thing happen this week, omg a girl first cellphone. :) that i have bought with my own saved money. when it was sent to me, my sister said i looked like i won the lottery. in reality, i have never own anything valuable. never have i own a mp3 player, laptop, computer nor psp or gameboy. i guess all these limitation make me different from modern society.

if you compare me to my sister, that's another story. she has everything.

last week i went to san francisco. moon festival. = great. ate alot of bakery cake= stomach ache the whole day, bought alot of chinese dvd for $5 a piece.

additionally i went to pet central in SF.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


my 4 year plan of college
first year/second year: ged/preq
Summer: apply for nursing program
3rd year: waits for acceptance,
get a job work for 1 year..
take 1/2 class at evc, apply for san jose city: take chinese class( a neccessary cause my chinese is withering away in my mind. these days..)
4th year: hopefully by then i am in the program :)
5 year: continue program, and graduate
A.S. in nursing****
6th year: hunts for job

by then i might decide transfer to get my bs?? A register nurse with a AS and BS gets paid almost the same. still deciding..

yesterday: yah went to gmall , shopping. and bought a kewl pink shoes. pink keds..feaken on sale because these days no one llike to wear pink shoes.. happpy hpayy haven't bought one since senior yr of hs.. g2g eat..reminesing omg my pink puma my dad brought me at marshall for $4. and pink converse. :) This school year i was wearing a blue shoe with a bit of pink on the side..

today: my big clean up day.. exactly how i wanted it, when i was scrubbing the walls of my bathroom.. the burning feel dance thought my ...

school in 2 dayss1!

Monday, June 23, 2008

my dad came back from the casino and told me he wanted to arrange me to a date my grandma's friend son.... :( obviously a hong kong 20 yr male whose family owns a farm and several apartment in giloy. .....///

my dad thinks my mom won't be holding it any longer...


oh i wanted badly to build a hellokitty with my sister at the buildabear store but my dad was so hasty to get out of the mall. i wanted my hellokitty to wear the 2008 olympic shirt..

i am still not sure if we are moving....but my dad is deciding whther to upgrade our home, take over the store at the Fengshui store at that one plaza across target($4,500 month rent) or move to saratoga........ still delibrately pondering..

i want to go eat popeyes chicken tomorrow. flicking and swing chicken reminds on my sister's clothes. lolg2g my dad is scared that i might crash his beloved computer, i will continue at the library tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hit it another round for pics.

Oh my they final have qipao in yarn:) but it's crochet, damn i want to knit this.. really kewl.
Knits i did over the vacation:

Kate the multi color kitty. i wonder why i had made it so fruity. My dog desire chewtoy." heck no, bad dog". not bad for a free pattern.

Wedding couples- i was so allured in attemping to make this !. This was my first project once i go Greenhowe's Small Gift knit toy book.

I was going to knit a tank top but now i am not sure if i wanted to for its a bra now for my sister's togepi. lol

Lastly, fingerless mitten? for summer??

Came back just now from evc. saw around of familiar faces and managed to get a ride from a good friend saving me $1. Just ate peking duck with my dog and fed my mother. other than that, im online again. :), , just to put up pics of my knits. in the future, i shall plan to knit for charity.

Just the beginning,

wow this is my first blog post ever since the first 20th century. ok literary, i haven't blog since last year on my old livejournal, my beloved mr. ventagon, which is completely top secret and off limit, for those who wants to seek the truth will have to find it, on their account. On the other hand, my vacation filled me with endless knitting while my dog was enveloped in scraps of yarn, waiting for the right time to snatch one of my knitted goodies.. additionally, i had
recently joined a knitting club, "Stitch and Bitch",, we meet every sunday at 430, knitting, eating pizza-cause the meeting place is a pizza parlor, learning, and talking. Indeed, an welcoming entry. One thing that was intriquing and appealing was my first perception of a male who knits for never have i encountered one ever in my 5 years as an amatuar. One day i hope to deliberately teach and share my love to the guy of my dreams, whom i may share my first tamale and assortment of jellybeans at the mini factory at savemart, making him consume
the bitter flavor beans i get to pick. oh the temptation..
The day previous was my sister grad. And what was the hightlight of the damn 4 hours of sitting in the event center was ----------------deleted***

other than that, i was lara croft for the past 2 hours, runing back and front, bandying my camera in and out of my purse ,shooting pictures of my dear sister who looked restless from the prior night for which i rushed her to the movies. . "quality pictures," i proclaimed after we hit it at kfc while putting the reminds of the chicken bones in a bag to give to Fook(dogP). yet when i got home i found out, every person in the picture had red eyes from the flash of the cam.

Good news: my sister, dad and my gran went to riverrock casino and im alone at home.. yet the bad news was Mr.Duy Dang abrupted me from my solitude life with one call of wanting to buy my mathbook, for a price i would say. " You can buy two dinner with that". Due to my nicenest i accepted the amount of $40 in which at the beginning i had brought it for $135. in additon to today, i have to go up to evc to give him the damn book. A 3.00 bus ride for the day. hopefully i would see one of my friend and so that i could give him the doll i made, hoping he had finish the drawings he said he would give me. " the anticipation...

Summer school starts in 2 weeks for me. 6 hours of anatomy.. corpse.. "got to get an A " it warned. for a save chance i would get in the nursing program. marveling at the sequioa building at evc. well i got to go to evc or else i'll miss the 9:57 bus.