Saturday, April 4, 2009

i will hit director i will hit director, i will hit director.!!!!!!!!!!!! i can do this even if i am lost in my thought, heart, soul and words, i 100% support my decision! i can't let my dad prove that he is right. X_X i can't fail ppl that believed in me. i have to get out of my friends house. omg i can't let my emotion rule over my goal
I have to do this. NEXT week. i know i have too. but i know i still have to be the improved tammy. smiling

at the end, a true friend is hard to find. Still i havent find someone i really want to express

this past week, i meet a very nice girl from guang dong. never have i had these family feeling once she talked to me., a feeling which i dreamt of. I've always wanted a friend that would speak in cantonese with me without judging my chinese. i've always wantedd bad to live in hongkong and have always wished to be born in hongkong. Although my whole family speak cantonese with me, but it isn't the same.

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