Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine Day

Dear Mr. Ventagon,

Sorry i haven't been updating this journal. I guess because i am still not good with organizing my time. Recently, 3 months ago, my sister's friend introduced me to life changing opportunity.It was than that i realize that i shouldn't be a doll anymore waiting each day feeling lost.

This week was a week of confusion, mistakes and my bad habits kicking in. . I've not been accomplishing many of my spoken words and goals. After this week of feeling lost, i hope to really do more than i can and stop my emotions from acting apon it. I will take into action of what i learned. It is these little action that get us further in life. I will do homework and I will not upset anyone.
i had wrote alot, but then i didn't save it. What i edit after the above post was what i felt, but then i accidently didn't save it as a post and now all the after post i have in mind is deleted.

On the other hand, valentine day starts in 2 hours. Occasionally, on Valentine i would buy little valentine day cards and stick chocolate kisses on them to give it to friend but this year my mind was so preoccupied that i forgot to make them. i thought of kniting little heart plushies and give it to ppl but it was too much of a hassle. My friend thought was cute:)

it was thursday that i got back into the habit of looking at knitting pattern when a friend of mine pointed out and questioned whether i still knit or not. i've decided to start knitting again.

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