Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear abandon journal,

lifes been fine, but i have been quite lazy. but lazy as i am, i still manage to do my homework and avoiding my social life. although this might sounds like a bad thing but i do get through life being optimistic. it feels like every min, my dad have something for me to do. i mean its not like i don't like it, but i want some free time to myself. sometimes i just want to go out and breathe air, i guess im breathing air yet it is not the air i freely want. ok this doesn't even make sense. im always at home looking at the 4 corners, sometimes im afraid that i might go into depression. other then that, my symptoms of alzheimer is haunting me. i think i might have it despite the studying i do everyday. it's genetics i believe.

omg i want to go to jolin tsai concert in san jose state, several vip seats left. but and i know i can't go even if i asked my dad. i want to go.

i ordered costal scent 88 eyeshadow palette. hopes it comes. cause everynew thing i get brings a smile to my face.

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