Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hit it another round for pics.

Oh my they final have qipao in yarn:) but it's crochet, damn i want to knit this.. really kewl.
Knits i did over the vacation:

Kate the multi color kitty. i wonder why i had made it so fruity. My dog desire chewtoy." heck no, bad dog". not bad for a free pattern.

Wedding couples- i was so allured in attemping to make this !. This was my first project once i go Greenhowe's Small Gift knit toy book.

I was going to knit a tank top but now i am not sure if i wanted to for its a bra now for my sister's togepi. lol

Lastly, fingerless mitten? for summer??

Came back just now from evc. saw around of familiar faces and managed to get a ride from a good friend saving me $1. Just ate peking duck with my dog and fed my mother. other than that, im online again. :), , just to put up pics of my knits. in the future, i shall plan to knit for charity.

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