Monday, June 23, 2008

my dad came back from the casino and told me he wanted to arrange me to a date my grandma's friend son.... :( obviously a hong kong 20 yr male whose family owns a farm and several apartment in giloy. .....///

my dad thinks my mom won't be holding it any longer...


oh i wanted badly to build a hellokitty with my sister at the buildabear store but my dad was so hasty to get out of the mall. i wanted my hellokitty to wear the 2008 olympic shirt..

i am still not sure if we are moving....but my dad is deciding whther to upgrade our home, take over the store at the Fengshui store at that one plaza across target($4,500 month rent) or move to saratoga........ still delibrately pondering..

i want to go eat popeyes chicken tomorrow. flicking and swing chicken reminds on my sister's clothes. lolg2g my dad is scared that i might crash his beloved computer, i will continue at the library tomorrow.

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