Saturday, June 28, 2008


my 4 year plan of college
first year/second year: ged/preq
Summer: apply for nursing program
3rd year: waits for acceptance,
get a job work for 1 year..
take 1/2 class at evc, apply for san jose city: take chinese class( a neccessary cause my chinese is withering away in my mind. these days..)
4th year: hopefully by then i am in the program :)
5 year: continue program, and graduate
A.S. in nursing****
6th year: hunts for job

by then i might decide transfer to get my bs?? A register nurse with a AS and BS gets paid almost the same. still deciding..

yesterday: yah went to gmall , shopping. and bought a kewl pink shoes. pink keds..feaken on sale because these days no one llike to wear pink shoes.. happpy hpayy haven't bought one since senior yr of hs.. g2g eat..reminesing omg my pink puma my dad brought me at marshall for $4. and pink converse. :) This school year i was wearing a blue shoe with a bit of pink on the side..

today: my big clean up day.. exactly how i wanted it, when i was scrubbing the walls of my bathroom.. the burning feel dance thought my ...

school in 2 dayss1!

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