Tuesday, September 9, 2008

made this toy during summer vacation. was going to give it to a friend for motivation but never did.

im back. School started :P
I dropped 2 classes because i had to print notes for my physiology class. Physiology : my top priority ..this is what happen when you have a parent control over printer and internet. but it's alright, i have break in between so i can go to the library to print now yay... damn ..

gained 5 pound because my dad is constantly feeding me without my resistance. Wasting food is bad. my dad keep buying me pizza, those 5 dollar ones. lol. but im thankful.

my grams said im fat.

other then that, i hate the sun... why do you have to hurt me and bake my epithelium *throws ice cube at the sun... im freaken tan.

. anyways yes a life changing thing happen this week, omg a girl first cellphone. :) that i have bought with my own saved money. when it was sent to me, my sister said i looked like i won the lottery. in reality, i have never own anything valuable. never have i own a mp3 player, laptop, computer nor psp or gameboy. i guess all these limitation make me different from modern society.

if you compare me to my sister, that's another story. she has everything.

last week i went to san francisco. moon festival. = great. ate alot of bakery cake= stomach ache the whole day, bought alot of chinese dvd for $5 a piece.

additionally i went to pet central in SF.

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